"We want to say thank you to the 20,000 homebuyers who have helped make Ivory Homes Utah's Number One Homebuilder® for 33 consecutive years. Being number one isn't just about building the most houses, it's about creating opportunities for so many families and individuals. It's about striving to make a difference in housing in every way: Affordability, Quality, Design, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability. We want to add value to your home, your neighborhood, and the larger community." - Clark Ivory, CEO

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What Makes a Home, a Home?

What makes a home, a home? It’s a place where you can relax. Somewhere you can plan for the future as you build your legacy. A place that will keep your loved ones warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer. Where memories will be made as well as kept as the years go by. At Ivory Homes®, we know what makes a home great, and we are honored to be Utah’s most successful homebuilding company.

This year, we are celebrating 33 years on top with the completion of 20,000 new homes and counting. This is experience, design and quality you can count on when purchasing a new home with Ivory Homes®. We have the best quality products because we know our friends and neighbors deserve a quality home they will love for years to come.

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33 Year Journey

It’s been quite a journey getting to 33 years as Utah’s Number One Homebuilder®. As our CEO Clark Ivory says, “Successful companies always change but their principles never do”. This is the driving philosophy behind Ivory Homes. Ivory’s leadership understands the need for change and innovation without losing focus on core values.

We go beyond homebuilding to build communities and new homes that will last. Each year we set our sights higher. As we celebrate 32 fantastic years as being Utah’s Number One Local Homebuilder®, we know we won’t be stopping there.

The “Five P’s” as they are commonly referred to by Ivory employees, articulate the company’s emphasis on people, product, process, planet, & profit when forming goals. These five principles allow stability and change to balance Ivory Homes®’ forward march into the future.

The Success Formula

As Utah continues to grow, Ivory stands ready to grow and change as well. We love Utah and our beloved communities. We look forward to many more years of serving you along with continuing our mission of being Utah's Number One Homebuilder®.

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Ivory Homes' 33 Years Timeline


First Ivory Institute is held


Ivory Highlands: First community to carry the Ivory name


Ivory Development created


Ivory pays off all credit lines


25th consecutive year of being Utah’s #1 Homebuilder

30 year mortgage interest rates hit historic low 3.35%


30th consecutive year of being Utah’s #1 Homebuilder

Clark returns from LDS mission and resumes as CEO


Ivory Homes celebrates 20,000 homes sold

Celebrating Utah Campaign


Record sales year amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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