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Choice and Personalization

Homebuyers prefer us over other Utah home builders because of our superior locations, exceptional designs, quality construction, and commitment to service. At Ivory Homes, we have refined the building process to be as simple as possible. We are dedicated to giving you the best and most personalized homes on the market. Our Design Centers offer hundreds of options and our expert designers, architects, and sales consultants work one-on-one with you to pick the features and elements that will soon make up your new home. While many builders attract buyers with lower base costs that don’t include much, Ivory’s basic package options include many items and features that would be considered upgrades elsewhere. At Ivory Homes we love being able to help you create the home of your dreams with the highest quality materials and options available. Browse our website, visit our decorated model homes, or drive through our carefully planned communities for a taste of the possibilities.


When it comes to the value of your home, nothing has greater impact than location. We only build in highly sought-after locations that have the greatest potential for future appreciation. From your first new home to your last, Ivory has a community that will fit your needs and lifestyle. With a whole team dedicated to the development of Communities, not just homes, you can rest assured that your neighborhood was thoughtfully designed to look great for decades to come. We are dedicated to building in desirable locations and maintaining the best possible affordability and options. Choose from over 70 locations along the Wasatch Front and St. George.

The Number One Homebuilder

From starter home to vacation home, Ivory Homes builds dream homes for every stage of life. With over 31 years of experience building homes and by offering a variety of incredible services to assist and simplify the homebuilding process, Ivory Homes works tirelessly to live up to the title of Utah’s Number One Homebuilder™. Buying with Ivory is buying with confidence.


After discovering the community and home plan of your dreams, you will have the opportunity to personalize your new home. Creating the home that expresses your unique style is easy with endless options and a design consultant who will help you every step of the way. That is part of what makes Ivory Homes the number one Utah home builder—we make it easy by offering everything for your new home in a one-stop shopping experience.

Design Centers

As an Ivory customer, you will visit one of our Design Centers in Salt Lake, Layton, Lehi or St. George to choose from hundreds of options and finishes for your home including beautiful cabinetry finishes from alder to hickory, endless combinations of stucco, brick, stone, and hundreds of choices in floor coverings including designer tiles, hardwoods, and carpets.

We staff every Ivory Design Center with professional designers that will help you mix and match, explore, create and choose the right colors and finishes that reflect your personal style.

Design Packages

To simplify the design process, the design professionals at Ivory Homes have pre-selected the most popular home finishes and materials and offer them to you in convenient packages at an exceptional price. You can rest assured that each of our design packages include everything your new home will need and provide you with the most comfort and value.

Model Homes

Ivory Homes provides you with over 40 beautifully decorated model homes to help you choose which home is right for you. Featured regularly in the Utah Parade of Homes, our decorated models allow you to experience the home and give you excellent ideas on the latest styles, colors, and designs. Making the right design choices for your home is easy because our model homes allow you to see the finished product and colors as well as browse the assortment of options we offer.

After you have added the finishing touches to your home, you can watch it come to life as Ivory begins the construction of your new home.

In addition to any of the floor plans that you see on this website we also have the capability to build custom homes of every genre. Our custom homes take on the unique personality of Utah’s most exclusive neighborhoods and varied wilderness surroundings. No matter the style you choose, whether a European cottage home, a rustic mountain hideaway or a coastal Cape Cod-like estate, each is one of a kind and becomes a part of you. Let Ivory Custom Homes help make your dream home a reality.

Our Custom Home team has built more than any other custom builder in the state of Utah. With more than 60 years of experience, we can help you with every step of the process, from architecture and design to construction and warranty. We are great at what we do and will help you feel confident in the process of building a home that embodies the warmth and character you envision. We have the purchasing power to provide tremendous value that no other custom home builder can provide. These savings augment your finishing budget and allow you to select and implement finish-work and design elements that match your personality and style, beyond what you might have envisioned.

Closing is the finale to your new home! This is an exciting time and when new chapters are written. During the closing phase future home owners can expect the following:


During the preconstruction meeting, you will meet with your sales consultant and architect for a final review of your floor plan and options. Together, you will verify the placement of your home on the lot and review the plans.


The first step Ivory Homes takes to building quality homes in Utah is the foundation. Before excavating your foundation, your superintendent will stake the layout of your home on the property. After staking and setting your home, excavation will begin. Ivory Homes will then dig the hole and install the footing and foundation for your home.


With the completion of the foundation, framing will begin and your new home will really start to take shape. After the framing is complete, the electrical, plumbing, and heating/air conditioning utilities will be installed. During this time several framing and utility quality checks are completed by Ivory and city inspectors.

Four-way Inspection

Once the utilities have been installed and we have completed the city inspections, your superintendent will invite you to come on site for a four-way inspection. It is called a four-way inspection because you will review four main construction areas: rough framing, plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating/air conditioning systems. Your superintendent will walk you through the home and help you understand the layout of the utilities prior to being covered with drywall.

Finished Carpentry

After your four-way inspection and the installation of drywall, finish carpentry will begin. During this phase, door casings, baseboards, cabinets, countertops as well as many of the lighting fixtures, carpet, HVAC and plumbing finishes will be installed. What was once just a structure begins to look more like a new home. While many activities are occurring on the inside of your home, the outside of your home can become an equally busy place. The exterior of your home will begin to get its covering of stucco, brick, siding or stone. These various layers all function differently, yet all work together toward a common goal: to keep the elements out while providing a beautiful exterior appearance.

Homeowner Orientation and Completion

You will be amazed at the amount of finish work that takes place in the last few weeks of the construction of your home. The transition from a construction site to a beautiful new home really comes together during this time. Toward the end of the home building process you will have a Homeowner Orientation, also known as a Final Walk Through. This is an opportunity to walk through the home with your superintendent, who will familiarize you with the many features and functions of your new Ivory home. Within just a few days, your home will be ready for closing. The next time you walk into your new home, it will be to stay.

Your New Home

Upon completion of you're home, you'll experience the joy and excitement of moving in. We understand that this can be a busy time and our goal is to make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible. Ivory Homes wants all of their new home buyers in Salt Lake City, Washington, Davis and Utah Counties to have a stress free move in and an enjoyable experience.


As part of our one-stop shopping, Ivory Homes works with an on site title company that conducts the closing, title and escrow services for your home. In order to simplify the process, your sales consultant and mortgage officer will accompany you to your closing and be available to answer any questions you might have throughout the process.


Two days after closing, you will pick up your keys. This of course is the most memorable day of the process as you move into your lovely new Ivory Home!

Ivory Warranty

Our promise to you is to build a beautiful, comfortable and functional home that you can enjoy for years to come and we stand by that commitment 100%. To ensure you have the peace of mind you deserve as you move into your new home, we provide you with the best 10-year warranty in the business. Requesting a service call is convenient and can be requested by email, fax or web form, 24 hours a day.

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