Meet Our Designers

We are a team of talented designers who have more than 127 collective years of experience delivering amazing results for clients just like you!

Every member of our team shares two things in common — a can-do attitude and passion for great design.


Cinda Taylor

As the Design Manager of Ivory Homes, Cinda applies her background in finance, tax, real estate and design management to oversee a team of 14 talented designers. She uses her passion for aesthetics, color and beautiful design to help refine every project. At the same time, she understands the gravity of each design choice truly being an investment choice for clients. Cinda is passionate about helping people make important decisions they can feel confident about today, tomorrow and ten years from now. Upon joining Ivory Design, Cinda helped to revamp all business aspects of the design process to create a more refined, client-oriented approach.

Favorite Design Style: Cinda counts "preppy chic" as her design style and loves the color sky blue.


Mia Reeves 

Most people who have worked with Mia know her as the person who helped them put together a home beyond their wildest dreams! An Ivory Homes veteran of 16 years, Mia earned her stripes at a commercial lighting company throughout her college years before receiving her marketing degree from the University of Utah. She credits this experience with giving her the raw knowledge of construction that she uses today to collaborate with architects and engineers. A pro in the commercial-lighting industry, Mia was brought on as a design consultant at Ivory Homes. After helping buyers bring their dream designs to life for ten years, she pivoted to her current role of designing our model homes. In addition to managing a team of model home designers, Mia has a hand in our custom, high-end projects. Her fingerprints are also all over Ivory's community-designing and street-scaping aesthetics.

Favorite Design Style: Funky traditional with a smidge of modern!


Skyler Frandsen

Skyler has earned a reputation for being the one who will "take care of you" during the building process. He perfected his gift for creating beautiful interior spaces during a seven-year career in retail visual merchandising before joining Ivory Homes eight years ago. Steadfast in a commitment to exceptional customer service, Skyler takes pride in building lasting connections with homebuyers. A detail-oriented expert, Skyler is heavily involved in the selection of products in his role of managing the Salt Lake Design Center and team.

Favorite Design Style: Organic modern peppered with navy blue.


Wendy Hyde

A published author and blogger in the design world, Wendy brings an eclectic background to Ivory Homes that includes a degree in fashion merchandising from BYU, studies in interior design at the New York Institute of Art and Design and twelve years working in residential design. She has also made numerous appearances on local and national television to share her design expertise. Wendy has spent the past seven years helping Ivory clients create beautiful homes that are truly personal. In addition to managing the Utah County Design Center and team, Wendy heads up Ivory's design social media and blog!

Favorite Design Style: A lover of the color blue for all of its moody beauty, Wendy counts "neo-traditional" as her favorite design style.


Faythe Yarbrough

Faythe spent her early years cultivating expertise at a family-owned cabinetry business. She later earned a Design Degree from Ensign college. Faythe backs up her passion for beautiful design with AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup and graphic design skills. As the Davis County Design Center Manager, Faythe is an invaluable asset to our team. She is skilled at helping home buyers choose products that suit their style while staying within budget. Faythe loves putting together finishes in a functional, yet stylish way. Her creativity has helped many buyers craft highly personal and beautiful homes.

Favorite Design Style: Faythe’s style is modern rustic, with sweet slivers of turquoise thrown in the mix.


Sara Young

Working in customer service since the age of 14, Sara uses her dual college degrees in design to carve out a career in commercial and residential design. In her role at Ivory Homes, she marries the systematic and logical aspects of commercial design with the fun, personal touches of residential design. Sara has spent her seven years at Ivory helping buyers select finishes for their homes. Her favorite aspect of her role is using AutoCAD to help people visualize home details! She feels most satisfied when clients reach out years later to tell her how much they are still enjoying their homes.

Favorite Design Style: Sara’s personal style preference is vintage glam that goes heavy on teal.


Carrie Sawyer

Carrie has spent 20 years of her career helping buyers select finishes and products perfectly attuned to their tastes and budgets. After earning her design degree from Weber State, Carrie owned her own design business before joining the Ivory Homes team. She has a nine-year track record of helping buyers create perfectly personalized homes they can't wait to move into! With a love of history and travel, she takes pride in helping clients build homes that tell their own stories.

Favorite Design Style: Carrie is a huge fan of the modern-farmhouse look. She absolutely loves the way navy blue looks in any room.


Krista Beard

Krista graduated from design school, and then spent ten years working in the tile industry. She has been with Ivory for the past three years. The resident tile expert, Krista is the person to talk to about porcelain, natural stone, granite and quartz. Her expertise is something that we rely on to help our clients create show-stopping kitchens and bathrooms. Krista’s calm demeanor and great listening skills are two things that make working with her so comfortable and easy!

Favorite Design Style: A fan of traditional style with French flair, Krista especially loves working with soft blues and greens.


Nicole Barnett

Holding a bachelor's degree from Utah State, Nicole has been with Ivory Homes as a design consultant for the past three years. After working with Ivory homebuyers in St. George and Davis County, she was brought on to help the model team amplify functionality and style. Nicole counts her time working with award-winning Drake/Anderson Design in New York City as a career highlight!

Favorite Design Style: Nicole is a fan of modern vintage. Her favorite color is black, and her design icon is American designer Kelly Wearstler.


Nina Tran

Nina has a bachelor's degree in interior design from Weber State. She uses her skills to help homebuyers design homes suited to their needs and lifestyles without making costly mistakes. During her three years at Ivory Homes, Nina's primary role has been assisting with all model homes using her expertise with AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, and Sketchup.

Favorite Design Style: Nina is a self-described texture and pattern addict. She considers modern Mediterranean her favorite personal design style.

Isabel Reiswig

Isabel fell in love with residential design while completing interior design studies at Ensign College. She pulls from her background in home furnishings to help clients plan and create custom furniture layouts that consider budget, design preferences and lifestyle. Isabel is also trained in AutoCAD, Revit and Sketchup.

Favorite Design Style: While Isabel’s favorite style is rustic farmhouse with vintage elements, she also loves the use of pale yellow!


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