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Ivory’s Mission: We Build Utah

As Utah’s Number One Homebuilder for the past 34 years, we at Ivory Homes are proud to be in the business of Building Utah in partnership with our wonderful subcontractors and suppliers. Ivory Homes works with Utah’s top subcontractors to build the best homes in the state because we believe in getting the job done right. Continue reading below to find out why we think construction careers are so attractive or scroll to the bottom of the page to apply to join the team of subcontractors that makes our work possible.

Why You Should Join: Perks of Construction Careers

Are you considering joining the team of amazing people who are at the forefront of this effort? The home building industry offers more than just another job. You can find a rewarding career and earn a great salary – and you don’t need to follow the traditional college path to get there. Here are some of the reasons why we think careers in the Utah construction industry are so attractive:

  • Construction is one of Utah’s fastest growing and highest-demand industries. Utah currently has over 117,000 construction jobs. And the number of construction jobs in the state is growing by an amazing 6% each year—compared to a -1% overall employment growth rate.
  • Because they are in such high demand, skilled trades offer very competitive pay. Below are the average yearly salaries for some common construction jobs in Utah:
    • Construction Manager – $57,910
    • Carpenter – $56,877
    • Heavy Equipment Operator – $60,828
  • The facts above are partially a result of Utah’s housing shortage. Currently, there about 54,000 fewer houses in Utah than there are households. Experts project that Utah’s population will only continue to grow, adding about 35,000 new households over the next two years. The need to address this shortage and the potential for further growth means that there are even opportunities for construction workers from out-of-state to relocate to Utah and boost their careers.
  • Construction jobs are not only high-demand, high-pay, and high-potential. They also allow you to find your passion, have a hands-on role in building the future of our state, see the outcome of your work, and be able to say, “I built that!”
Beginning Early: Opportunities for High School Students  

For high schoolers who want to set themselves up for a successful career in construction, it’s never too early to start preparing. Through our partnership with the Build to Success (BTS) program, we are providing students with opportunities to gain hands-on experience during construction bootcamps. BTS also offers career exploration and trade certifications. Click here to learn more and check program availability.


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