Celebrating 30 Years as Utah’s #1 Homebuilder by planting 30,000 Trees

Ivory Homes has been Growing and Changing with Utah™ for over 35 years, not only are we Utah’s Number One Homebuilder™ but we are also the nation’s #1 Local Homebuilder for new home construction. Ivory Homes has pledged to plant over 30,000 trees, not just amidst our communities under construction, but across the state of Utah with future projects and partnerships. Ivory Homes is making an extensive effort to be an eco-friendly and sustainable builder. We want to build upon the work we have done with Home Energy Rating Standards by growing our sustainability initiatives with our 30,000 tree commitment.

Green Homes in Greener Neighborhoods:

As Utah’s Number One Homebuilder™, Ivory Homes understands it is our responsibility to provide energy efficient homes. We go above and beyond state and local codes to provide the most significant value for our customers, while also improving air quality and protecting our fantastic quality of life.

Ivory Homes was just selected to receive the “Your Utah, Your Future” award by Envision Utah for striving to reduce emissions produced by residential living.

Committed Sustainability:

We care about the community we work and live in. As Utah’s Number One Homebuilder™, we bring sustainability, eco-friendly, quality and design to every home and community we build, to our company as a whole. Every community is carefully planned and developed while each house is constructed with sustainability in mind; from our lighting, windows, insulation, framing, and H-Vac systems to our faucets. The Average Ivory Homes HERS* score is 60, while a typical resale home over ten years scores upwards to 130 points. This difference could save new Ivory Home owners up to $1200 in utility expenses over the course of a year.

*Home Energy Rating System. Click Here to Learn More.

30 Years of Excellence:

At Ivory homes, we know what makes a great home as Utah’s most successful new homebuilding company in Utah. This year, 2018, we will be celebrating 30 years on top with the completion. As Utah continues to grow, Ivory stands ready to grow and change as well. We love Utah and our beloved communities.

We Have Deep Roots:

Ivory Homes has been growing and Changing with Utah™ for nearly 50 years, not only are we Utah’s Number One Homebuilder™ for 30 years, but we are also the nation’s #1 Local homebuilder. This year, 2018, we will be celebrating 30 years on top with the completion of 18,948 new homes and counting. This is experience, design, and quality you can count on when purchasing a new home with Ivory Homes™. We have the best quality products because we know our friends and neighbors deserve a quality home they will love for years to come.

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