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Celebrate the 5-year anniversary of our 30,000 Tree Initiative with us! Announced on Earth Day 2018, the 30,000 tree initiative is part of Ivory Homes’ mission to be an innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable homebuilder. In conjunction with the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation, we partnered with TreeUtah and UCAIR to plant 30,000 trees in Utah to bring beauty, shade, and clean air to these neighborhoods for years to come. 15,793 trees have already been planted, and we’re excited to watch them grow and spruce up communities all around the state. Help us enhance the natural and spectacular beauty of Utah by joining us at an upcoming tree planting! Find the current schedule of events here.




Ivory Homes is a proud partner with TreeUtah, which works with students, volunteers, community groups, municipalities, and local businesses to make Utah a greener and more comfortable place to live, work, and play. Besides planting trees, they have a variety of programs promoting sustainability, education, awareness, and restoration and are icons of community involvement.

TreeUtah’s Executive Director Amy May was recognized as the 2022 Ivory Homes Community Partner of the Year. This award recognizes partners that exemplify excellence throughout the state of Utah and expresses our appreciation for their solutions-based role as civic collaborators and champions.

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Trees are natural air purifiers and can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Annually, our current 15,793 trees will produce over 3,000,000 pounds of oxygen, meeting the oxygen needs of over 23,000 people. These trees will also sequester an estimated 560,000 pounds of carbon and is equivalent to the emissions from over 20,000 cars driven for one day.

Trees also provide significant energy savings by shading homes and reducing cooling needs. Our 15,793 trees have the potential to provide over 23 million square feet of shade, which is similar to the size of eight Liberty Parks in Salt Lake City. That’s huge!


In addition to air quality benefits, trees can also improve water quality and help alleviate drought conditions. Our Waterwise landscaping approach ensures that we plant trees in areas that will maximize their impact on both air and water quality.

One large tree can release up to 400 gallons of water into the atmosphere in a day. 15,793 trees, like those planted by Ivory Homes, can potentially release up to 4.4 million gallons of water into the atmosphere in a day.

We care about the larger world we live in and our very own community. We conserve, we invest, and we remember that it is our responsibility to make Utah a better place.


Elephant Power

Assuming an average planting time of 30 minutes per tree, it would take approximately 5,500 man-hours to plant another 15,793 trees. To illustrate the grand impact over 30 years from just these 15,793 trees, imagine driving from the Utah State Capitol to the north shore of Utah Lake. Your entire drive is lined with beautiful, mature trees that provide shade on both sides of the street, from north to south, and everywhere in between. We invite you to join us at an upcoming planting and be part of this incredible initiative.

Planting a Tree?

Visit TreeUtah for more information on upcoming events and join us to help beautify and strengthen Utah’s natural landscape, one tree at a time. Want to know what kind of tree to plant in your neighborhood? See here to review the tree guide and become familiar with the types of trees that are ideal for your neck of the woods.

Ivory Homes Cares About Utah


“Ivory Homes differentiates itself by making a typically optional energy-efficiency package standard in all of our homes,” - Ivory CEO Clark Ivory. Starting in 2023, all of our homes will be moving to EnergyStar, a smart thermostat and sprinkler controller at no additional cost to home-buyers. It will save Ivory Home-buyers over the long term.

Growing Utah

Ivory Homes is committed to being an innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable homebuilder. Join our Tree Initiative and help us plant 30,000 trees in local communities that will grow to bring beauty, shade, and clean air to Utah neighborhoods for years to come? Together, let’s make a lasting, positive impact for generations.

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Join Ivory Homes in their commitment to planting 30,000 trees and help make a positive impact on the environment.

By joining Ivory Homes' tree planting initiative, you can play an active role in promoting sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change.