Envision Utah │ Ivory Homes

Ivory Homes was just selected to receive the “Your Utah, Your Future” award by Envision Utah for striving to reduce emissions produced by residential living.

The Avg Ivory Homes HERS score is 67, while a typical resale home over ten years scores upwards to 130 points.




Governor Gary Herbert presenting Dave Wolfgramm, CEO of Ivory Homes with the "Your Utah, Your Future" award from Envision Utah.


"As we double the number of homes and buildings by 2050, they are poised to become the dominant source of air pollution, making it difficult for the Wasatch Front and Cache Valley to remain in compliance with air quality standards long term. But the technology exists today to solve this problem. Better insulated walls, roofs, and windows for our homes and other buildings, along with energy-efficient appliances (e.g., furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioners), use less energy, which means they produce less air pollution. Greater energy efficiency also reduces electrical and natural gas bills. In addition, many appliances like water heaters have ultra-low emission models that cost about the same as comparable standard-emission appliances. Building new homes with thicker walls, better windows, and proper insulation is essential for maintaining energy efficiency. If a home is built with a poorly insulated shell, it is nearly impossible to retrofit it to the level required for Utah to be in compliance with air-quality standards over the long term." - Envision Utah

Learn more about the steps Ivory Homes is taking to build energy efficient homes here.