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The Ivory Home Field Advantage

Hey Utah fans, you know just how vital home field advantage is, which is precisely why Ivory Homes is Utah's Number One Homebuilder. The Ivory Home Field Advantage gives Ivory Homebuyers the best choices for new locations, floor plans, and finishes for every lifestyle - especially that Ute Cave!

The Ivory University House represents a new model for student housing and supporting higher education. The Ivory Family, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the University of Utah are excited to participate in this project, which will provide 552 academically-focused students with an opportunity to live next to campus. All net proceeds from rent paid to Ivory University House will be donated by the Ivory Family to a new scholarship fund at the University of Utah. This will support students from all walks of life, including first-generation students, by providing scholarships, housing assistance and internship opportunities.